Meet Frito & Frita 

Siblings came from Alabama to Portland, Oregon looking for a furever home. They had been through a lot in such a short time. They were dumped like trash to fend for themselves so they hopped on board Second Chance Transportation on a journey to a new life. We always hope that bonded dogs can go to a home together and these two hit the jackpot. They got adopted together and are just loving life! They will never worry about a meal or shelter again.  What did it take to get them to Oregon? A wonderful rescue in Alabama took them in, got them healthy and medical care. A rescue in Portland Or to committed to them and found a foster home for them. Once in foster they needed a follow up vet appointment and microchipping. The rescue has to screen all applications for the pups, do home checks and references checks. Once that is done they do meet and greets to see how the families and the dogs get along and then finally adoption. 

  • Rescued in Alabama ✔
  • Vetting
  • Fosters✔
  • Transportation across the county ✔
  • New rescue partner✔
  • Fosters in Portland ✔
  • Follow up vetting ✔
  • Screening applications ✔
  • Home visits✔
  • Meet and greet ✔
  • Adopted ✔

Rescue is a lot of work and heartbreak most days, but the outcome for the dogs we can save is priceless.  Working together saves more lives. This is coalition rescuing.  

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